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Bloom 2 Mini Artwork - Gift Idea for Book lovers

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This enchanting 15x15cm artwork, elegantly presented in a stunning gold frame embellished with delicate gold leaf details, makes for a splendid Christmas gift idea. Inspired by the evocative beauty of Australian native flowers and their meanings in Holly Ringland's "The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart," this piece encapsulates the charm of the holiday season.

  • Miniature Impressionistic Floral Artwork: Perfect for Gifting!
  • Size: 15x15cm, beautifully framed in gold with delicate gold leaf accents.
  • Inspired by Australian native flowers, painted in a loose, freehand style by Antuanelle.
  • Whimsical brushstrokes capture the essence of native blooms in a unique and expressive manner.
  • Elegantly adorned with gold leaf details, adding a touch of festive elegance.
  • Ideal holiday gift, bringing both artistic charm and Christmas cheer.
  • Thoughtful and visually captivating, sure to delight any art enthusiast this holiday season.

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