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Tips on How to Choose the Best Artworks for your Home

Tips on How to Choose the Best Artworks for your Home

Choosing the best artworks for your home can be a fun experience. Can’t decide between a large abstract canvas or an original ocean artwork? A well-picked artwork that you love can enhance any space and adding complementary colours with cushions, rugs and throws within the space, will create a feeling of home. Getting to know the different spaces of your home beforehand, noticing the size of rooms, décor and wall colour, will help you easily match the perfect artwork to create a space with your personality in it.


  1. Large walls and spaces

It’s best to decorate large walls and rooms with large artworks. The artwork does not have to take up the whole wall but can match and flow with the items already in your space. You can be creative with the shape of your art as well, with circular or even free form styles.

Round Seascape artwork

Laguna Beach Artwork

Purple And Gold Geode

    2. Small artworks for small spaces

Small spaces, like an empty hallway or entrance that are too small to fit large feature artworks, are great for smaller artworks. The great thing is – you can display more than one. Square or small rectangular artwork sets like Bali Utopia, Blush Sands and Rise Above are great to mix and match so you can easily change the flow of your space.

Featuring Rise Above series

   3.Picking the right colours

Your perfect artwork will match the energy of your room. Opposites attract; warm colours complement cool colours. A space with white walls and minimal colours or muted tones would work well with a colourful artwork to enrich the room. On the other hand, a space that is already colourful and personal would work with a more minimal style artwork.

Featured above Azure


    4. Specific room art: living room, master bedroom, guest and kids’ room

Want both abstract, ocean or animal art but don’t know the right places to showcase them? Living rooms work best with abstract art, as bright and bold designs are great for enhancing any entertaining area. Master and guest bedrooms are best for more calming ocean-inspired artworks. Kid’s bedrooms can be whimsically styled with animal art like butterflies or koalas, to create both a beautiful and fun space.

Bounty Turtle

Koala Print

Choosing the right artwork is a great way to instil all the rooms of your home with your personality and style, while also ensuring they harmonise with the existing colours, purpose and décor of the space.

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