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Crystal Artworks with Genuine MINERALS 

Chakra Balanced Crystal Art


Her unusual Freeform Crystal Artworks with Chakra Balanced Gemstone Crystals  got featured on various News channels - FoxNews, My Modern Met, Bored Panda, Yoo Channel, and International Art celling platforms - 1stdibs, Singulart, Saatchi and local - Bluethumb. Her works were featured in the famous local Channel9's The Block Shop and United Interiors.

Antuanelle's Abstract style with a variety of flow mediums, each artwork is created with meditation, each crystal connected with its chakra to create. Her desire to achieve unusual and unique effects through her art has made Antuanelle a beloved figure in  Chinese Cultural Centre, Mosman Art Gallery, Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Australian Maritime Museum and Westfield. Her Artwork has since been featured on Hunters Hill Art Prize billboards throughout Sydney. 
Abstract Seascapes made with  Real  GEMSTONES & PEARLS & SEASHELLs
Portholes to the Ocean

Ocean Art For Conservation


Antuanelle's  Ocean Resin art spark conversations about the importance of marine conservation—her Abstract Ocean Artworks connect people to the pure beauty of popular beaches and ocean reserves, depicting them as if they were completely untouched by human presence. 
Antuanelle is a Sydney-based abstract resin artist. Her artworks are inspired by beaches she has travelled to, and objects she has collected from those locales: Sand and Seashells.  Using AMETHYST, CITRINE, QUARTZ, GEMSTONES, PEARLS and SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS to adorn her artworks, Antuanelle highlights how precious natural beauty is to humanity—she intentionally erases any traces of human presence to impart the feeling of a completely wild and pure world.