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Photographers, Videographers, Editors and Writers

If You are Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Blogger  or Writer and looking for Collaboration, Story or Content  - Im very open to hear your ideas ! Live Demo! Inspiration ! Interior Design Projects - anything you can think of. Lets create it together! Just email me Your thoughts to and Lets Start.
Here are some of my favourite writers:
<<<Nature versus Nurture? That is the question. Are we born intrinsically creative or does creativity require fostering and nurturing so that it becomes a natural part of our daily existence. There are those who live a creative life while others seem to lose or forget how to be creative. Maybe being creative requires a bit of both.>>>
<<<The ever-popular Marie Antuanelle was inspired to follow her artistic passions by her grandmother. As a child, creating artworks and textiles was a respite from the tough political climate of Perestroika. Now, inspired by the summers she spent at her grandmother’s beach cottage, her artistic practice has evolved to a full-time career. Marie’s large resin and crystal pieces are inspired by a birds eye view of the NSW coastline. Get to know Marie better in our interview here.>>>
<<<Sydney-based artist Marie Antuanelle, known simply as Antuanelle, creates resin artwork inspired by the untouched Earth. Combining swirling colors and found objects—including gemstones and seashells—the abstract pieces offer a bird’s-eye view of the ocean shore. Antuanelle’s ability to capture the essence of the water is incredible; by mixing and layering colors and textures, she imitates the white caps on crashing waves as well as the brilliant hues that make up the ocean, from cerulean to turquoise.>>>
MY MODERN MET   By Sara Barnes
Thank you to all Photographers and Filmmakers who contributed their talent and time to creation of these beautiful content presented on this website.
I am forever grateful to you and cant wait to work with you again.
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